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Bathroom Remodels

Our experts can get you the absolute best deal on top quality craftsmanship. If You are looking to remodel your bathroom then The Round Rock division of Texas Remodel Pros can help.

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Home Additions

Looking to add another room to your home? Maybe just want to give the band a sound proof garage to jam out in? Well look no further... We specialize in making your dream home a reality. Call us about Additions

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Looking to spruce up that kitchen or bathroom? Let our experts help you pick the perfect stone countertops to match your home. Renovations, or custom new builds... We can help.

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Our expert remodeling contractors have years of experience in kitchen design. No matter the size, shape, or feel, we understand that remodeling a kitchen will completely reshape the way the entire home feels. Let us help you get the perfect kitchen to help inspire you.

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Having a comfortable, functional, and stylish dream room in every house of a home is every homeowner’s dream.  The Round Rock Remodeling Pros are experts at making sure the remodeling job you want done, is done right the first time. If you are thinking about remodeling your old bathroom, you should know some things that will help you do it wisely.

  1. Take Your Time and Plan

Rushing into things can be quite risky, especially when it comes to home remodeling. So, the key to redesigning your bathroom successfully is to take it slow and plan everything step by step. If you have never done anything like that before, you need to know what exactly each steps is:

  • selecting the number and range of plumbing fixtures;
  • choosing colors and design;
  • calculating the approximate cost of materials needed;
  • preparing your bathroom for the remodel;
  • installing the floor tiles (if needed);
  • installing the plumbing and electrical wiring (if you decide to change them too);
  • working with walls, ceiling, and ventilation;
  • installing the wash basin, shower enclosure, cabinets, etc.

It's crucial to calculate all the expenses beforehand, at least roughly, so that you could plan how much money you would have to spend. But still, no matter what amount your calculation will show, bear in mind that the actual sum will most likely turn out to be higher than you expected. You need to be ready for that.

  1. Look for the Right Materials

Picking the correct and most suitable for your bathroom materials is a good start for your remodeling project. Don't neglect researching everything you need as thoroughly as you can. Only after that you can get down to making any purchase.

Apart from the typical characteristics, you should consider the water absorption coefficient as your bathroom is a room with high humidity. Besides, it is also a room where temperature constantly changes, so the materials must be resistant to that. This is the case when cheap is not an option and quality is a priority.

  1. Use Design as Your Weapon

Sometimes you don't have to renovate your bathroom completely to make it look new and stylish. Simple design ideas can easily transform this room and give it a much fresher look.

A beautiful jar for bath salts, soap dispenser, vases, and decorative items, etc. can become excellent tools for distracting attention away from your old bathtub. And while you display all the pretty things, try to hide everything household related, e.g. medicine, cotton swabs, shower gels, or toothpaste.

If there's a window in your bathroom, you should put a plant there. Vegetation and vivid green color can add life to this room, making the atmosphere less antiseptic. There are many plants that can survive living in bathroom conditions, that is with high humidity and without much sunlight. But first, make sure you’re able to care for them properly.

In case you don't have a window, you can always go for artificial plants and flower bouquets. Just don't forget to wash them from time to time because they tend to gather a lot of dust.

If a wash basin mirror has no hidden storage behind, you might want to consider replacing it with something else. You can use some of the mirrors you already have in your home. Even such a slight change can be quite effective. Besides, you may look for some antique mirrors at a local thrift shop(Round Rock, Texas has some pretty great ones) or a flea market. It will help you add some stylish details to the bathroom design.


Don't be afraid to experiment! There are so many different styles you can choose for your new bathroom, including avant-garde, art deco, high-tech, minimalism, classical design, and so on.

  1. Enlist the Help of Professionals

It's always better to hire a remodeling expert in Round Rock who can help you with all the ideas you have for your bathroom remodel. Of course, if you want to save some money, you can split the work up. If there are things you can do yourself – great! But doing some other things, which require an expert involved, on your own can turn out to be a costly mistake in the end. However, make sure you hire reliable people.  That’s why the RR Remodeling Pros know how to get your remodel done perfectly for you.

Here, at Texas Remodel Pros, we can walk you through the whole process of bathroom remodeling, starting with the stage of planning and up to moment when you come in and won’t believe your eyes. Your bathroom will become a cozy and stylish place where you can begin your day, smiling at yourself in the mirror, or take a relaxing bath when the day is over. Contact us today, and we will help you make it possible.


Round Rock Texas Remodeling Pros - Tips and Tricks

Starting a new Round Rock Remodel project is a fun and exciting time, weather you are repainting a room or building a new home. Planning can save you a lot of headaches and expense. Let’s use repainting a room as an example.

  1. Budget -First, set up a budget for your project. DIY or if you hire a contractor, it is always best to have a budget, giving an estimated dollar amount for your project. This gives you control over the cost of your project, if you compare material purchased to your budget.
  2. Design – Let’s get started; this maybe the most important part about considering to remodel that Round Rock, Texas home. Go to your favorite paint store and pick up a color chart. Now design the color scheme of your choice. If you’re not sure of the color scheme, you can get current trends and ideals from magazines and TV home decorating shows. You may want an accent wall. For example, strips on one wall or one wall a different color. You may just want the trim a different color. Select the paint sheen, flat, semi-gloss, or gloss for each color. Ceiling are most offen painted with flat paint, walls egg shell and trim semi-gloss. Here again it depends on what you like. Before you buy all of your paint, I suggest that you buy sample cans of each color and paint a trial place, to be sure of your colors.
  3. Tools and Supplies to Use When Remodeling – If this is a DIY project, will need the following tools and supplies. Hand lotion, drop cloths, masking tape, painters putty, caulk, liquid sander, paint thinner, painter rags, roller with extension pole, roller pan, extra paint roller covers, good 2-1/2″ trim brush, small flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, utility knife, putty knife, stepladder, and hammer. Check your tool and supply inventory, then make a list of what you will need. These tools will ensure success for anyone that wants to remodel and paint their home in Round Rock, Texas.
  4. Preparation for your Remodeling Project – This is one of the most important steps. Inspect the room for cracks, nail holes, and anything that needs repair. Make the repairs before starting the painting. If the walls are sheetrock, use spackling compound to fill nail holes where pictures or other objects were hung on the wall. Cracks will take more work. They must be taped, floated and textured. The trim may also need to be re-caulked.  The trim will need light sanding or wiped with liquid sander. this will remove the shine, allowing the paint to adhere better to the surface being painted.

Now that you have completed the planning and made a list of what you need, you are ready to go back to your favorite paint store to purchase the paint and supplies. Because of your planning you will save trips back and forth to the store. This will make completing your project quicker and be more fun.

RR Remodeling Pros Tip: Just before you start remodeling and painting, put hand lotion on your hands, this will make cleaning your hands much easier.

God bless and have fun.

Dave Stevens,

RR Texas Remodeling Pros,

Round Rock, Texas

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