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Should You Add A Game Room To Your House?

Game rooms are the latest trend in interior design. There are a few things to consider before you start building your ultimate game room. At Atlanta Remodeling, we would love to help you create your dream room. Read on for some helpful tips.

Small Game Rooms

Working with a small space can be tricky. There might not be room to include what you really want, like a pool table. You want the room to appeal to a lot of different people, so opt for these ideas:

* Small rooms are ideal for poker tables. Poker tables are great because they can be used as a table to play other card games and board games. Many people can enjoy playing poker at the same time, and movement is not really much of an issue when everyone is seated.

* Dartboards are also great for small spaces. All that is needed is a wall and a set distance to throw from. Dartboards can be additions to poker rooms (used when poker games are not in play), or a small room can be a devoted dart room – maybe even with electric scoreboards.

* Since a bar would be impractical in a small game room, a mini fridge would be the ideal solution to keeping cold drinks close at hand for thirsty players. If you feel you must have a bar in a game room, there is the option of building shelves on the walls to hold glasses and bottles.

Large Game Rooms

When you have the room to go large you can let your imagination soar. You can create a game room with a theme, or you can go crazy and make it an “anything goes room” that holds all those works of art that don’t fit anywhere in the house, but you just can’t bear to part with them. Bike parts and car parts can even be used as ‘artwork’ in a game room.

* If you have a basement, don’t forget about lighting. Most basements have one or two overhead lights, but the basement is still dark and dreary. White paint and lots of lights, especially overhead or track lights, will brighten up any dark space. If you are getting a pool table, think about where you are going to put it and consider getting an authentic pool table light to hang above the table.

* Big game rooms cry out for stocked bars. Installing plumbing for a sink and faucet for a wet bar can be very costly, but may be worth it if you plan to spend a lot of time in your game room with your friends and family. A bar gives your guests a comfortable place to sit and enjoy each other and whatever else is going on in the room around them.

* A big screen television mounted to the wall is a fantastic addition to any game room. If HD is out of your price range, you can always find an older projection TV that will fit your budget. These older televisions can be picked up for almost nothing right now.

Whatever size game room you choose to create, make it a room that people will want to be in. Add some sort of seating (whatever fits) for guests not currently playing games – no one wants to just stand around all the time. Remember, a game room is about having fun, so have fun designing and playing in your own game room. As always, when you need help with home remodels, RR Remodeling Pros is always ready to help you make your dreams come true.

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