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Kitchen and bathroom countertop materials are available in a wide range of choices. To be able to choose from among various types of countertops is important to interior decorating and remodeling. The ideal kitchen design will match functional countertops perfectly with kitchen cabinets, backsplashes, and even appliances.  The same can be said for bathrooms as well, or any room where you plan on installing countertops.

It is standard when choosing the best materials for your remodeling project to find out the current top 10, and also to study the positive and negative aspects of a product. The pros and cons of countertops materials will be in regards to durability, design, and price tag.

1. Ceramic tile countertops

Budgeting homeowners choose to have either laminate or ceramic tile countertops. This kind of tile is less expensive than laminate, but it takes a lot more time to install than a laminate sheet. It is usually easy to clean and maintain and comes in many colors and patterns.

Ceramic kitchen countertops materials are widely available in hardware and diy stores.


2. Laminate kitchen countertops

A laminate kitchen countertop is also available in a wide range of textures and many colors. Laminate is the less expensive alternative choice to stone or wood countertops because its many types of surfaces simulate that of natural stone and wood. Aside from laminate sheets, you have a choice of preformed laminate and custom laminate.

3. Stainless steel countertops

Professionals in the cooking trade prefer this material in their kitchens. Contemporary style residences sometimes emulate that of restaurant kitchens in this regard. With stainless steel, you will not have to worry about damage from hot pans and stains from spills. Its biggest advantage is that you can lay hot pans down directly on the metal and it will not be marred. Maintenance is minimal with these types of kitchen countertop materials.

4. Marble kitchen countertops

High end real estate will most likely have this material in their kitchen & bath. These types of countertops materials are an extremely durable natural stone used in the sculptures and architecture of olden times.
Marble looks beautiful with its swirls and stains. However, it needs to be sealed to be able to resist stains. Old marble can be refinished to look like new again.

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5. Granite countertops

Another of the other natural stone counter tops that is a favorite for the kitchen is the granite countertop. It has a coarser texture than marble, but it looks just as good. Granite stone is igneous. It is a hard stone and more resistant to scratches than marble. Although these two are almost always thought of as similar, these are the main differences of these two kinds of kitchen countertops materials.

6. Concrete countertops

Concrete is heat resistant, just like natural stone. It can be custom made into different shapes not possible with the other materials mentioned thus far. If you see any unusual countertops, chances are they are made out of concrete. Fabricators can make your custom ordered concrete shape specifications, on-the-spot.

7. Solid surface countertops

The solid surface material is resin, or plastic. Although it is not known to be environmentally sound, manufacturers are developing better and more responsible products nowadays. The best thing about solid surface countertops is their range of colors and their inexpensive price. It is closely related to preformed laminate.

8. Butcher block countertops

This is one of the wooden countertop types. It is convenient for work around the kitchen because you can prepare food directly on the surface. For repairs on the material, it can be sanded quite easily. Wood exudes a warmth not achieved by other countertop materials.

9. Engineered stone countertops

Quartz is the material most used for making engineered stone. It is a composite of rock and plastic resin. It is an alternative to natural stone such as granite. It is designed to be more heat, stain, and scratch resistant than natural stone.

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10. Copper countertops

Copper is another one of the metal materials used as countertops. It is one of the preferred metals in the old days due to the ease in forming the soft metal. It has the well known quality of being anti microbial. Nowadays, it is installed in kitchens aiming for a period design. It exudes a warm soft appearance that contributes much to an interior.

These, then, are your choices of countertop materials,  listed in top 10 format to help you make an informed decision regarding not only the decorating aspect but also the best materials for your remodeling project.  Whether it’s for a kitchen, bathroom, or bar, you have plenty of choices when it comes to countertops.

Give our experts a call for your countertop installation, and we’ll not only give you an estimate, but also help you decide what the best choice is for your home!

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